more interations and much thanks.

Thank you to all of our beta testers.

Our team is back in the interation phase now, using all of the feedback, thoughts and great features that were suggested to us since our soft launch on July 1, 2010. Our goal is to rebuild the application and incorporate that insight into a new and improved

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How Do You Use

We want trendycharts to help you. In order to do that, we want to know how you have used trendycharts. Please share your story with us by leaving a comment below. Our goal is to do an article to tell the world how you have used trendycharts. We will feature your blog and/or your company and tell our audience how you have accomplished this.

Do you use the interval poll/survey feature or the one-time poll/survey? Did you know there is a one-time poll/survey feature? Did you know that if you sign up, you can also log in by clicking your hyperlinked log in name at the top of the menu. Once you click the link you can view all of your polls, edit your polls and manage the polls you have voted in.

Tell us how you are using trendycharts by sending us an email us at



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Boy, that was a keen idea!

If you remember Rocky and Bullwinkle, keenidea is music to your ears, if not, oh well, you can research it here too at (love that site).

Anyway, the ManagerLabs and Buckmaster team had an inspiring chat with Justin and Ryan of on Monday. It was an idea fest and beyond. The team thank Ryan and Justin for their insight and feedback on all of the cool things we can do to make even better.

The team is so grateful to Justin and Ryan for their patience and willingness to give us some great book suggestions about the science of polls and surveys, along with some awesome ‘go to market’ strategies and product use concepts.  It seems the mini-project has much more merit than we even imagined and we will definitely process our indepth conversations with these fellow web developers and move onward and upward through the process.

Again thanks to the edebtpay guys. Check out what these guys are doing too! If you are in the consumer debt business, talk to them and find out how their revolutionary product can help your firm collect more debt faster and more efficiently.



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Reminder Emails Begin

Reminder emails started today. This is what they said:

This is a reminder about the poll “Browser Usage”.

It is scheduled to repeat daily.
So it is time to vote again!

Please visit it on the trendycharts site here:

Remember: only by taking the poll again you can see how the trends for
this poll evolve. Are other participants changing their answers?? You
will find out by answering the questions. It’s as simple as that!

Thanks for using trendycharts! Please be aware that we are still
in beta mode, and still making updates and improvements. We really
appreciate all feedback:

Thank you,

The trendycharts Team
Follow us on twitter: @trendycharts

Let us know if you are getting your emails or if there are any issues with them.


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Pivotal Tracker – Need to Know Basis

Thank you so much to PivotalTracker a web application for web development project task tracking. It is a great tool and we are using it for It lets us add “stories” which are tasks. We can label the tasks, assign and describe. There are bugs, features, chores, etc. All of our tasks are tracked through this tool and we greatly appreciate Pivotal Labs for their product.

We just thought it would be a nice shout out to tell them thanks and help them spread the word about their great tool. Now when an idea comes to mind or feedback is sent to us, we log it by adding to It is a good idea to document your chores, bugs and features so you can plan your attack. Thanks for making it so much easier for us.


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Found 'trend y charts' Like a Twilight Zone from July 2, 1997

Twilight Zone: The Sequel, happened here at today. This is so ‘bizarro world’ I cannot believe it. I just happened to do a search for trendycharts and the below message from July 2, 1997 came up:

What this message means, I do not know. This has no affiliation with today’s It is obviously another geek speak message about an idea somebody had in July 1997. Who these people are, we do not know, but it is really spooky. Anyway, nothing spooky other than this so keep the beta testing going and feel free to do as many polls as you would like to do.


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Pondering Single Use Poll. To Be or Not To Be?

Have received some feedback on the single use poll. A poll or survey that does not repeat and there are no intervals. It would be a one time poll and there would be no need to collect an email address to send out reminders to vote either. This is something we are considering but have not yet decided the need.

From the beginning was to be an interval poll or survey. There are so many single poll surveys already out there so why do another one. The only reason to consider this option is the fact that people get in a habit and are comfortable with With that comfort, it is easier to just give them all things polls. It should not be too much programming time to pare down to a single poll. We will regroup on this depending on feedback. Let us know what you think. This is YOUR tool so tell us like it is.

Thank you to our beta testers. We are enjoying the creativity and fun you are having learning about your friends and family and how they really feel about a certain topic. Thanks to those LinkedIn PM / FM professionals too. Those business polls are very clever and interesting subjects as well.


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Serious Beta Testers & the Best Teachers Too!

Here is the most detailed feedback received to date. This is a serious and valued visitor and my sister in law, Mary. Thank you so very much, we need all of the help we can get. The grammar lessons, spell checking and the eagle eye work is outstanding. Here is the level of detail our testers are going through. Phew. I am tired just thinking about all of this heavy lifting.

Hi, Linda.
I was just on trendycharts-love the layout/cosmetic changes! Especially…being able to read a bit of the poll intro. in the “table of contents” list before clicking on it gives the person more insight as to whether or not it is one that applies to him. I like the redesigned results page a lot, too. And, of course, I love seeing the punctuation changes. Not sure if I missed a few or if they got lost in the shuffle, but I have just 3 more:

Paragraph 2: “Whether…” [capital W for beginning of sentence]
Paragraph 3: “Trendycharts…” [capital T for beginning of sentence, but I could see leaving it lower case since it seems to be the way you’ve chosen to show the name, but maybe it would be bold or something to show???–more of an opinion/stylistic choice again]
Just above the set up button: “friends [no comma] or group members…”

Huge shout out and thank you to Mary. She has really gone to the ends of the earth here to help us out. Detailed, thorough and so super smart. We are lucky to have her assistance and patience with us. If you see typos in please let us know. If it is in a poll, we have not set it up for people to edit after it is posted. That is a feature we are considering so be patient.

Again, huge thanks to the beta testers.


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But We Can Vote Many Times in Chicago? Bug or Normal?

It has been reported that on the poll ‘making purchase on cell phones’, it has let folks vote multiple times. We have gotten a few of these reports, but this report was particularly brought to our attention. This may be too accurate for us Chicagogoans. In Chicago, the they claim our voters get more than one vote due to the corruption. Hope trendycharts is not picking up some bad habits!!

Anyway, we are working on that bug and we really appreciate the feedback from our diligent and legally voting visitors.


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